23 jul. 2011

What Won’t China Steal?

Straight out of the “are you f#cking kidding me” file comes World Joyland, a theme park located in Changzhou, China. What makes this theme park so special is that is based off of Blizzard’s popular World of Warcraft and Starcraft intellectual properties, which by the way it’s not paying Blizzard to license.
That’s ok though because the theme park owners have an iron-clan solution to avoid being sued into the ground.  One, they’re located in China and two they named the WoW area, Terrain of Magic, while the Starcraft area is called Universe of Starship, so no one will know it’s based on WoW and Starcraft.
Legal matters aside, do they realize that the reason Disney was so successful at one point was because they made a theme park targeting kids?  What 5-8 year old is going to bug their parents to take them to a WoW or Starcraft theme park?  And if you’re not a kid and excited to go to a WoW theme park I think you might have to re-evaluate your life or at the very least stop playing WoW.
Continue below to see some of the images from World Joyland.

5 comentarios:

  1. O_O wow china is simply the best country in stealing, but they are pretty "creative, arent they? :D

  2. Who would actually want to visit that place?

  3. hahaha wow I would love to visit there. good post.

  4. i'm ok with it, and i think i wanna visit there too

  5. Hahahaha that's pretty good! China is known to steal and copy shit from the US because copyright laws don't carry over internationally. The US has *tried* to sue China for billions from conglomerate copyright suits, but inevitably failed…

    Good point about the kids, not sure anyone would really want to go see dragons and mages. Nice post and I'll reward you for it ;)


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