22 jul. 2011

FFXIV Previews Patch 1.18 Settlements

Today Square-Enix revealed more information about Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming 1.18 patch, which will include new settlements.  The new settlements or outposts, six in all, will be intended as landmarks and bases of operation for players.  There players can find useful NPCs, such as merchants or smiths and some quests to do.  Future FFXIV patches will add more enhancements to the settlements as well as bring new quests.
There will be two new settlements in each of the three main regions, The Black Shroud, La Noscea and Thanalan.  Below we have a screenshot for each of the 6 outposts and you can find more information about them and patch 1.18 on the FFXIV site.

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  1. thats nice, I am a big FF Fan!!
    keep it up

  2. ahhh this is gonna be one for the girlfriend :D

  3. How many final fantasy games can they release?

    good post.


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