4 oct. 2010

Booths public to Tweet

Before I ask if this is joke or not, I say: I have no idea, but I found it very funny. According to The Great Startup Game, these booths were donated by Google and allow us to twitter from the street, a sort of public telephone 2.0

As discussed in the post, the cost of each tweet is $ 0.25, but Sergey Brin is estimated that by 2017 the service is free, you have to see if there is Twitter for that year. Or is this a joke or is it true, if truth is really funny and "innovative."

9 comentarios:

  1. twitter sucks anyway, its for old people

  2. Nicee
    BTW twiter suck and in the year 2017 I supose that facebook already buy it ;D

  3. i have seen this before.. But why the hell would these be neded? every tweeter nerd has a mobile phone these days..

  4. like i said, twitter sucks jij

  5. aha. yeah twitter is pretty lame jaj

  6. lol, how nerdy ! twitter sucks btw jaj

  7. Funny gimmick, but futile in the end.


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