24 jul. 2011

SWtoR Pre-Order Box Art Revealed?

So it seems that yesterday a Polish retailer Empik.com added details for the Star Wars: The Old Republicpre-order and posted up an image of the box art, which was then quickly removed.  Rumors are now flying that Bioware will announce the pre-order this Thursday during Comic-con in Seattle.
It’s also worth mentioning that Walmart has the release date set as 11/01/11 and seems to be open for pre-orders, however does not mention any of the above pre-order bonuses.
I guess we’ll wait until Comic-con and see if any dates are announced.
Update: Via swtorstrategies.com it seems that the release date status on the EA site has been changed from TBD to TBA.

7 comentarios:

  1. Hell yeah, original was such a classic this is gonna be awesome.

  2. as soon as the release date is announced ima buy that!
    and the price is worth it!

  3. lots of my friends are look forward to this game im still thinking about it more looking forward to space marine and skyrim

  4. I have friends who I just know will order this. Can't wait to play it :)

    Good post!

    Oh, and thanks for commenting on my blog post -- I will reward your kindne$$ ;)

  5. very interesting, great post, bro.


  6. Very excited for this game. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations.


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