25 jul. 2011

Star Wars Galaxies XP Frenzy

A new hotfix when live across all US and European severs early this morning for Star Wars Galaxies that just about doubled XP for everything and will most likely be in effect until the game closes down.
It seems SOE is trying to make the last few months of SWG as enjoyable as possible for the remaining players.
Bonus Everything
  • Everyone logged in will earn Double XP, Double GCW Points, Double Heroic Tokens, Double GCW Tokens from Battlefields and City Invasions, Double Pet XP and Loyalty, Double Duty Mission Tokens, Double Chronicles XP, Double Chronicles Silver Tokens, increased chance to earn Gold Chronicles Tokens, increased RLS chance, increased chance to catch real fish (instead of junk loot and collection fish) and bonus Restuss Commendations!
  • NOTE: The RLS chance has been increased to 5 times the normal value.
Fan Faire 2011
  • The Fan Faire 2011 items are now available to be claimed in-game.

8 comentarios:

  1. oh man that game looks fun!! :)

  2. looks like i could spend some time playin :)

  3. whoa that was a screenshot to admire. thank you

  4. whoa looks insane. awesome!

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