11 may. 2011

PlayStation Network service will open later this month and compensate those affected in two games and 30 days free subscription.

The PSN would reopen by the end of May.PlayStation Network would be operational only in late May. So said, Shigenori Yoshida Japanese firm Sony Computer Entertainment. Is expected to be before 31 May. This would be almost more than a month without running the online service from Sony.
The company will reward the PlayStation, with two free games and everyone will receive 30 days of PlayStation Plus subscription, and 30 more to those already signed. "We want to offer users the opportunity to download PSN for free two PS3 games from a list of five, just so that PSP users can choose two of four possible titles. Pretty soon they will know which games will be available for downloading, "said the head of communications in the European region, Nick Caplin.
The great odyssey SonyThe next weekend to Easter, a large number of PlayStation users were affected by the closure of Sony, on the grounds of "temporary closure for maintenance." Then this, everyone turned to the Internet users to know what was happening, but all were in the mainstream video game was that generated the PS Network 'Error 80710A06.
As the hours passed and the days, the company announced that other problems were not solved yet, the deadline for the reopening would be a few more days, and published in the Official PlayStation blog: "We are working to resolve this problem in the shortest possible time "and" thank you for your patience, "Patrick Seybold, director of communications and social media from Sony. With this series of arguments and after spending a long weekend without being able to play, user groups begin to stir and impatient with the lack of online service.
During the week of April 20, precisely on 26 April, Sony mentioned that everything is a "foreign intrusion" into your system. PlayStation Network had been hacked. What raises the question of who could be this attack as it happens weeks before closing, Sony's servers were attacked, apparently by Anonymous cyber-activist group, whose group denied having carried out this attack, but do recognize the guilt of some members, "is the work of Anonymous. But you can not blame the entire group with one or two. We are a very diverse activities, not a fearsome group of hackers."
This is how rumors run quickly on a possible data breach, security breach and thus accounts for credit card users. This Sony says he's working on rebuilding the security of PlayStation Network, so it would have to wait even longer to regain active duty, and admits that there was a flaw in its security system and could therefore be extracted from complete data users in the attack, and it was not possible to guarantee the integrity of the data related to credit cards.
Sony says it will take strict measures against those who hacked the service, but still does not know who it is. Has not directly blamed the group Anonymous, but, to date, investigations of the company and other security firms have found a file with references to this group. Currently being investigated by the FBI.
Meanwhile, the company Sony Computer Entertainment, suffered harsh criticism from around the world from the political, economic and social development. Sony shares desavalorizarse begin to drop in the stock market and in turn this binds to the natural disasters in Japan which also affected the company, in addition to these two major attacks against hackers, Sony is the world's attention to the expected a viable and reliable solution for everyone.
Hopefully by the end of the month to announce the reopening of the PlayStation Network service

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  1. Seems pretty fair to me, no?

  2. Haha i'm glad I have both an Xbox 360 AND ps3 in these trying times.

  3. I suppose that's a fair compensation for the network downage, but I'd be seeking much more if my credit card was noticeably compromised.

  4. I really hope that the games that they allow you to choose from aren't total crap. That would be a total slap in the face.

  5. hey nice post :) its a bit more info then I had, but I think I couldnt use older content, so yeah

  6. oops we accidentally all your personal info; here's a free pass to the Playstation Plus Network for 30 days; we cool right?

    i hate microsoft, but at this point sony is getting just as bad.


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