11 may. 2011

Activision-Blizzard made ​​an announcement related to the expected beta of Diablo III, and this has happened in the presentation of its latest financial results.

Mark Morhaime, Blizzard's responsible, has confirmed they will release a beta of the game in the third quarter, so that players can get an idea of what the new venture will offer the series.

As there is no news regarding the game's release date, which remains on schedule for this year, noting that "are working very hard to meet this date, but they do not rule that you can go the next year.

In that case if at least two promises Activision Blizzard's titles in 2012, it would be Diablo III and the new expansion Heart of the Swarm Starcraft II.

We look forward to more news about the most anticipated game of the year.

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